Five Things

I was tagged out by recent trend of Sun’s top level manager such as Jonathan Schwartz and James Gosling on mentioning five things people might do not know about them. Well, here are five things you probably do not know about me.

1. My First PC

My father bought me a PC since I was like 3rd or 4th grade at primary school. It was DOS-based VGA video adapter PC with no hard drive and unknown size of RAM 🙂 (I really don’t care back then). Ergo, we can only play DOS-mode games such as Cat and Prince of Persia, which is I liked it the most. But since my neighbor had passed level 7, I regretfully say that I have to note down all potion combination in order to pass to the next level (my neighbor played it weeks before I did).

2. Tae Kwon Do

I learned Tae Kwon Do at junior high, and as I recon, I was pretty good. Taking a province level tournament, I kicked out all my opponents with TKO. For a yellow-green strip belt, who handled out blue belt and even red belt, it was, pretty *damn* good 🙂 .

Tae Kwon Do

3. Skeptic of ghost

Not many of my friends know that I am one of those who has skeptic feeling of ghost. Yes I do really believe in devil, Satan and jinn, but not ghost. Ghost here refers to many named ghost in Indonesian folklore, usually stays in sacred places, and has specific ability to offend human. Probably they are jinn, who based on “Dialog Between Jinn and Human” book, can transform to physical form like a black cat or even imitate specific physical form of a person. The one people here called ‘tuyul’, ‘pocong’, ‘water ghost’ and some sort of, what a joke 🙂 . But I honestly become aggravated of people stories, and really want to know these ghosts well. Intimately on what are they made of, how they transform to a visual object discerned by human and ultimately do they really exist?

4. Claustrophobia

Yes, I was scared of enclosed (and dark) place. Eventually, I scared more to darkness than enclosed place. It started when my home got black out and I started to suffocated. I really can not explain why I felt that way. I usually yelled out “please get me some light” 🙂 . But it was years ago. I too can not describe how I managed to overcome this particular phobia. Starting senior high, I have become more attracted to darker places then brighter places 🙂


5. Medical School

I once wanted to be on med school. It was actually my father’s plan. But come on, med school? My want-to-be-an-engineering friends were laughing at me when I said med school. I like computer science, I even write scientific research on computer hacking back then in high school. For my father’s sake, I choose medical and CS major on UMPTN (now SPMB). Well, I did not mean to disappoint them but I finally got the CS.


  1. RincEu Soe · · Reply

    Uhhmmm…med school ? Eeewwww… is there any doctor who keeps fainting seeing blood ?. If there’s any … then count me in (hehe, I mean if I only took med 10 years ago hehe).

    You know what ?, even when you really took med school and became well-known and greatest surgeon in this universe…you’ll still need other surgeon … to fix your dislocated bones hehehehe 😛

  2. ouch, that hurt… 🙂

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