Matthew Farrell’s Keyboard

Matt Farrell’s Keyboard

Of all gadgets appeared in Die Hard 4.0, I love Matthew Farrell’s keyboard the most. Imagine, travel with this keyboard to server room, or PCs, or whatever computer you might found, find a console, and plug your keyboard to it and let the codes flow, hacker excitement. But one thing for sure is it doesn’t need a driver to work, or, all computers in the movie didn’t use Windows®.

The name of the keyboard is Foldable Flexible Waterproof Dirt Proof Washable USB, PS/2 Keyboard. Feel interested, you can buy it here.


  1. Designer Ecko sews ‘Star Wars’

    Picture a would-be bounty hunter in a Boba “Fett for Real” sweat shirt, or a “StoneTroopers” T-shirt that honors the

  2. M.Farrel · · Reply

    eh.what about my PC’s theme? Don’t u like it?

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