Yet another French movie. I always love French’s romantic movie. They have their own style and definition about romantic, including this movie, Priceless (Hors de Prix). The movie begin when Jean (Gad Elmaleh), a shy waitress at a quite luxurious hotel disguise as a billionaire to attract Irene (Audrey Tautou), a traveler who accompany rich old men to pay her bills. Later on, Irene be aware of who Jean really is. When she did, she ran away. Jean who particularly in a way of love he cannot restrain, look for Irene and finally met her at Côte d’Azur. Slowly but sure Jean try to get Irene’s love. Even it will cost him all his money to pay every second he spent with her.

Then Jean got broke. One night Jean met an old bloody rich woman and helps her get her stuff to her suite. This woman soon likes Jean. Realizing Jean desperately need money to stay close to Irene, Jean make a deal with this woman as a bedfellow. Jean becomes what Irene is. Then both of them even get close each other, exchanging tricks to take over rich people’s money, blind date when each bedfellow got sleep and so on. Irene eventually fell in love on Jean’s honesty of loving her. Then they decide to quit their profession and ran away with only a piece of Euro left. They promise to endure life they chose with love.

One romantic scene is when Jean gave his last coin just to make Irene talk to him in 10 seconds. But nothing happened. They just look at each other speechless. At that time Irene realize that Jean’s love is untainted. Many funny, sad and romantic scenes appear one after another. This make this film warm altogether with its sexy French language from the one and only Audrey Tautou. Five stars!

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  1. Rinceu Soe · · Reply

    Watched this movie simply because it was the only sensible movie in theater (read: other movies sell cheap ghosts’ stories).
    It was my 4th French movie I had which casts by Audrey Tautou (I love “He loves me He loves me not” actually).

    Hors de Prix is all about reality. Common guys will do anything for a ‘cupcake’ and silly girls will leave and give anything for a wealthy man. Soooo…natural.. (sigh). When supply meets demand in a pathetic way.

    We really should learn something from this ‘silly yet entertaining’ French movie.

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