Friendster No More


Yes mate, Friendster no more. Yesterday I erased my Friendster account. Wondering why I am being such a boastful in this Web 2.0 world? After using Friendster for about 4 years I indeed realize what Friendster has become and its drawback. Follow my review of Friendster below.

Friendster has become Indonesia’s number 1 online social network, with more than 54 million members worldwide. Main role of Friendster is focused on helping people stay in touch with friends discover new people and things that are important to them. Being Indonesia’s largest used social network provider, means whole bunch of Indonesian that has internet access possibly has Friendster account. For the past couple of years, marked with the beginning of Web 2.0 era, you can always find other provider giving quite the same service as Friendster, e.g. Facebook, Hi5, MySpace, Bebo, etc.Friendster is quite nice with modifiable themes, media hyperlink and search function for almost aspect in friend’s finding. But then again, Friendster is too darn crowd.

Friendster is quite fast, but not fast enough to refresh changes made by its account owner. It happens on almost all features, approving friends’ requests, deleting or uploading pictures, updating profiles and so on. You need couple of minute to log in or leave your account idle to see those changes even with various cookies or history setting.

Friendster figures have become social network for younglings. Try this, fetch all accounts made from Indonesia and classified based on their ages, surely most of them are from under 25 or so. It is not suitable anymore for you, professional adults (doh!). Sadly, I frequently found accounts contain pornographic, underground community just to show their existence, means for whores to promote themselves, truly absurd.

Lots and lots of unknown individual would like to connect as your friend. Never you think that the more friends you have the more famous you are. No you do not. More friends mean more messages, more garbage bulletin board, more things you would like to know, more time you spent. Notice this, you don’t know them and you do not have to know about them, leave it.

Second degree, third degree friend, what is that? All friends are the same, they help you when you need them, and you help them when you need them. You met them, you interact with them intensely. But second degree, even third degree friend are all ridiculous. You probably never met them, just say hi, asking them they are friend of a friend and so on, nonsense.

Friendster is a match seeker service. Certainly, who could have denied this? You met cute girl/boy, message them, ask for her/his phone number and it all end up with you both hooked up. This kind of service is useful for some mateys, but not me.

There you go mateys, all reasons to stop using Friendster.


  1. adipersada · · Reply

    i am thinking to erase my account too.
    i don’t even want to open it though, so just leave it

  2. @adipersada: welcome to the club, mate!

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