Broken Crankshaft

Well, it is not actually broken, mere crack that is. When I was at Asia Afrika, I noticed that my car had become heavy to turn. It’s like I am in no power steering era. I stop for a while and open the hood. Darn! The power steering belt is off its place.

I drove back to my garage and fix it tomorrow afternoon. But it offs its place again, for the third time. I hear a very distinct sketchy voice on flywheel. It turns out that my flywheel is loose, and that explain why belt is off again and again. I took off my left tire and trying to tighten by myself, a Ryan Cooper wannabe. It doesn’t work.

I called Pak Santoso and Bastian from Firna Protechnik to tow my car to their workshop and I think that this probably going to cost me a lot since flywheel connected to crankshaft and connecting rod. Meaning, if they went loose and crack or even broken, I have to change lower block of my D16 machine. Money! Money! Money!

I went to Firna Protechnik and after inspection by some of the mechanics, there are cracks on crankshaft and flywheel. We decided to change flywheel and crankshaft. There are some stocks of lower engine block which happens to be used by Honda Estilo Touring team. It’s ZC type, so we’ll have to check it first to match the size and specification to replace mine.

It’s been 2 weeks since my car towed to Firna. Hopefully they have done fixing my lovely Estilo by this weekend.

Lesson learned: If you have piggyback and remove your speed limiter or else, that means you go way beyond your engine parts can go. Some of my parts are not on prime condition. Understandable, because she is 16 years old now. Butterfly effect, you change things under the hood that speeds up your ride, you have to prepare and/or change others too.

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