No Blackberry Required!



Why? Because

1. I surely do not want any disturbance during off-office hour! Having a Blackberry means that you have convenience to read-reply e-mail from your e-mail account pushed by your carrier. This would take time, and in off-office, no way thanks!

2. I don’t follow foolish trends. Buy things that you really need. For you guys that desperately want to have Blackberry, even if will cost you loan from a bank, you are stupid. This global financial crisis is going to last for 1 or 2 years to come. Save your money! Or else, you can invest your money to stuff you really good at, car performance parts for instance. ?

3. Size does matter. If you think having those bulky and bold devices make you looks cool, you are stupid. If you need to browse the internet or just checking your e-mail and you need large LCD screen, use your laptop instead. That is why recent laptops are designed so lightweight and easy to carry. For a cell phone, I’d prefer my lovely Motorola V620 TSEL and also Nokia 6510 for XL carrier, small and useful to create text message and make a phone call.

4. If it is important, make a phone call instead. If your counterpart needs to send you important document via e-mail, read it in laptop. It is way more convenient and healthier to your eye than your little tiny Blackberry LCD screen.


  1. say no to blackberry?

  2. @kunderemp: hmm..sampai saat ini ya. kecuali kalo supervisor yang beliin untuk kepentingan kantor yang menuntut gue mesti ‘terjaga’ di luar jam kerja 😉

  3. “car performance parts for instance”

    Is this a new way to invest? 🙂

  4. @Zidni: indeed zidni. You buy an EG6 for about IDR 85,000,000, install all performance parts, interior and exterior. Your car value could rise up to >IDR 100,000,000. I’m not lying to you 😉

  5. komen balesan lo utk zidni lutcu abis bro…:)
    iya nilainya bisa 100,000,000 tapi kalo dana tambahan buat performance art, interior dan exterior itu habis 25 jt? buntung jadinya…

  6. @AIR: hehehe..kalo buat beli performance parts itu ada beberapa pilihan rif. ada yang murah meriah, ada yang original jepang, pokoknya pasti untung deh. dan bagi orang yang ngerti barang-barangnya, dia bisa ngertiin juga harga yang kita tawarkan. jadi mobil + performance parts = harga jual 😉

  7. Sorry fer,
    But, I see what you do as trading the car, not investing it.
    Investment rule is not limited to time period.
    For instance, if you gear up your car then store it for 3 years.
    Will it price continue to rise?

    ~Cuy, bikin salon modifikasi yuks 😀

  8. @Zidni: nah lo salah lagi kali ini zid. Kalo lo beli Honda Jazz, Toyota Avanza, Yaris, Swift atau apalah, mungkin iya 3 tahun lagi koit harganya. What I’m saying is if you have an EG6, atau di Indo namanya Honda Estilo. Mobil Estilo ini produksi tahun 92-95, tapi harganya bisa ampe ratusan juta kok 🙂

    Yuk bikin bengkel!!! 😀

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