BPWJ Divestment and My New Role


Some of you might hear the process of BP West Java, Ltd. (BPWJ) divestment.  Latest update of this divestment process is that BP will fully responsible for securing their employee. Now that’s a relief. But I tell you one thing, nothing is secure until we really know which company that’ll buy BPWJ assets. Why? Because BP standard is pretty fancy for an oil and gas business participants. And the very lack of fulfilling this standard for potential buyers might result in incapability to maintain health and safety environment procedures BP proposed, not to mention employee remuneration. Rumors have been flying about of companies selected as short-listed candidates, including Pertamina.

That one up there is about the company. Now let’s talk about me. Me, me and me. I do not know where this comes from, but I do know that the company has been including me to their long term plan. I can also assume that I am with the selling package. They give me new role and of course paid off with interesting remuneration packages. They labeled my role as Integrity Data Processing Engineer. It means that I am in charge of Mechanical Integrity (MI) Team database-related development. MI Team is one of the team under Integrity & Engineering Support (I&ES) Department. There are at least 9 disciplines inside MI Team: Corrosion, Chemical, Coating, In-Line Inspection, Riser, Pipeline, Mechanical-Pressure System, Structure, and Marine. I am responsible for all of these disciplines. All database development must acknowledge and agreed under my consent. This will include our contractor’s proposed solution for database and IT. Fancy that!

While I am enjoying this new role, the clock still ticking and we have no longer with the BP superior standard within 2 months ahead. I will miss this. 

image taken from bp.com/id


  1. new “interesting remuneration packages” does not equal with “BP superior standard”?

  2. who’s the candidate to buy the BPWJ?
    Energi Mega Persada include is the list?

  3. @amir: iye mir khawatirnya gt, takut downgrade. Tp mesti ngikut si, yg beli yg punya duit 🙂
    @zidni: kurang tau zid. Setau gue baru Pertamina, CNOOC ama Indika Energy. Gue si pengennya Shell yg beli :p

    1. udah,
      dibeli sama pak Bakrie aja,
      biar kita semua jadi pegawai pak Bakrie 🙂

      1. jiah, cape deee
        pak bakrie agak melempem pas krisis global kemaren 😀

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