Dream Car: Integra Type R DC5

Given the opportunity to drive an SR3 (Indonesian spec for Civic EG6) for 2 years including 1 year of development, I still didn’t get the excitement of a real street performance car. Well obviously if I want to have one, I have to prepare broader range of budget to spare.

Dream and dream, all in all, this baby I found out there is The Integra Type R (DC5) suit me best. It’s certainly naturally-aspirated Honda philosophy, 2-doors sports street performance car, body reinforcement, K20A Type R engine beast motored up to 220 ps, sexy, white champion color and Type R red emblem give you serious look when you go out and play on the street, watch out for this, oh you street racers.

I don’t need fog lamp since none space specifically available on lower bumper, already taken by air duct to funnel cold air to cool down Brembo 4-port brake system, but fancy window door visor will do well. Apply dark black window tint and everyone will talk each other of who is the driver behind the wheel.

I don’t need that Fucking Quick ~400hp Darth Vader or rear-wheel drive S2000 N/A Honda, just a fastest front-wheel drive K-engine Honda. That Evo X is boosted, quite an instant engine age-shortening mechanism and I don’t get used to rear-wheel drive feeling of an S2000 although it’s naturally-aspirated.

I can promise you one thing, when I rich enough, I will find this ITR DC5 and buy it for adrenaline’s sake! The Mugen Integra Type R if necessary!

Have a deep breath and look at the spec here!


  1. Umer Hussain · · Reply

    Hi, could I use any of the images here for my website I am making for my school project?

    1. hello Umer,

      sure you can.

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