Workspace at RBT

Wow, it has been more than 1 month already since I’ve joined RBT. Aside from effort to adapt with Malaysian foods, I involve with project that requires technologies and tools which some unheard of since the beginning of my career.

Typical with my tasks at KSEI, development tools are also quite the same. Eclipse and Bugzilla for some. So amazed by Bugzilla when I was at KSEI, I wrote an email to Gerv so that KSEI listed as one of companies uses Bugzilla in its development environment. But different from KSEI, we use Maven instead of Ant. Find out why from this link. For version control, we use Git instead of CVS/SVN.

As development marches on, my boss doesn’t happy with Bugzilla since he cannot see progress made by his developer in a fancy way. This fancy here, means graphical screen such as Gantt Chart. So we use Redmine as an replacement and/or complementary consideration.

Anyway, development has reach CRUD prototyping on data and master data screen.


    1. My co-worker used to work with Jira when he was in Lufthansa Systems. He said Jira is really good. But our managing director is a Ruby fans. So, there you go 🙂

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