Yossi: Goodbye To All That

I’m welcoming Roy Hodgson as Liverpool’s new gaffer. Do not know about him until Fulham. Is it for temporary until we find a new owner unlike the one we have now? Let’s see. But we don’t know that if this Roy mister can take us back to compete for the elite four. Sometimes surprise come with an odd way.

Now, about men leaving Anfield. Rumor has it, that Javier Mascherano will be sent off to Barcelona of Spain. But nobody assures this yet. Gerrard and Torres, as a fine lovely couple, already confirmed that they will stay. Torres said that he will not leave to Manchester City as one kid of his fan asked about this issue before Torres’ match with Spain. King Carra said Roy is the right man for Liverpool. This means that Carra will be okay. Who would have bloody dare to say Carra and Gerrard will leave Anfield. They were born here, Liverpool blood, they are Scousers until death. No news about Skrtel, Agger, Babel and Aquilani. I think they still enjoy their vacation from World Cup except for Ryan. Dirk still enjoying his winning with the Dutch after beating heavyweight Brazil.

It is confirmed now that Yossi Benayoun is the man who leave Anfield. I don’t understand this man’s loyalty. Ever. Well, thank you for the sum of ₤5.5million additional fund for us by selling you. And thank you for your service Yossi, we hope you will never find your form and will never contribute much for that sissy blues.

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