Ferdy’s Fashion at Work

Followings are my style guideline when I go to work. It is not that important for some. But still, you can use some to make you look as cool as me 🙂

  • You must have a PC or a laptop for work. Add another laptop to make you look capable of doing simultaneous job at once. This can also make you look geeky-cool!
  • Never ever put Hello Kitty or other lame wallpapers. Use cool wallpapers such movie themes, fighting characters, exotic or sport cars, etc. I used American Gangster on my PC and Hitman wallpaper on my laptop. The use of dark background can save you for looking at the wallpapers too much rather than work.
  • Don’t use fancy screen-savers. If you had too, use default screen-savers or really cool one such a F1 3D model or The Matrix console screen-savers.
  • If you had to wear long-sleeve shirt, fold the sleeve until it nearly reach your elbow. Not that high and not to low to the wrist. This will tell others that you are doing quite handful of job on your keyboard.
  • Unless you are a manager, use digital watch rather than mechanical. And strap it on your right wrist, even if you are not lefty. Be different with others.
  • Inside car elevator, if it’s crowd enough, stand straight with your hands both inside your side pocket. But never put your both hands to deep. Limit them to your wrist. If it’s not crowd, stand one leg straight and loosen up the other one. And don’t ever put your thumb only inside the pocket. It will make you look lame and jerk.
  • Always use white or black plain t-shirt to layer your shirt. People don’t ever want to see your nipples!
  • If you are given a lanyard to hold your id card, don’t let it hang in front of your belly if it will caused you annoying sounds while you are walking. Put it inside your front pocket.
  • If you are a smoker, get-off your desk sometimes when it comes to you of needing some fresh air, or if you need quiet time to think about your code or some analysis. You might go to building’s lobby and smoke there. Sometimes you will get enlightenment. Or a good view 🙂


  1. oohh gitu ya ayah…smoking at the lobby to get some good views?? ;p bun nya ngambekk ahhh 😦

    1. Hihihi…yang lirik2 itu Shubash yang, bukan ayah :p

  2. iya, skalian. Namanya menyelam sambil minum air ;p
    btw yang, lagi dimana YM nya bun buzz2 dari tadi, i cant make a phone call hehe blom byr tagihan telp kmrn kan ke jkt 🙂 miss u yang 🙂

    1. Ini baru nyampe bun, mesjid nya jauh dari kantor. Mesti jalan 🙂

  3. yanggg…masih mati lampu?? hihihi kaya jakarta ajaaa ;p

    1. Iya nih. Deretan rumah tetangga depan bermasalah sama listriknya. Jadi sekompleks mesti dimatiin dulu semuanya karena mau perbaikan :p

  4. Interesting post and you are embracing most of them until 2015!

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