Currently Reading: “Deception Point” by Dan Brown

Hello, world! Great Monday to start the work. Aside from humidity here at Kuala Lumpur, it’s actually have been a great day.

So how’s your weekend guys? I’ve been busy reading novel lately, started when I was in MPH book store at Bangsar Village, “Deception Point” by Dan Brown. It’s been a while since I read my last novel. So when I turned to the first page, I realized this one is quite interesting. The magnitude of the secrecy, if any exist in the real world and I’m pretty damn sure it is, is tremendous. Moreover, all technologies mentioned in this novel are exist. I have read half of this novel in one night. Just wait for my review when I finish reading.

I have e-book version of this novel. You can try and search for it or email me to get a copy. It’s not even 2 MB in size.


  1. mantap…makasih infonya…salam hangat…

    1. you are most welcome 🙂

  2. 1.015kb, sudah berbulan-bulan tersimpan di hd tp belum jg terbaca hehe.
    Sudah 10 hari, jadi bagaimana bukunya? 🙂

    1. Halo Takodok,

      Saya sendiri belum selesai membacanya, baru kira-kira di tengah, karena saya hanya set membaca-nya on weekend.

      So far, seperti karakter Dan Brown dalam ber-novel, membuat cerita seperti fakta instead of fiction. Semua teknologi dan keterangan yang dibuat exist in the real world. Intrik-intrik dan attack-dan-counter-attack diceritakan dengan terstruktur dan rapi. Minimum humor, mostly serious. Sejauh ini yang cukup mencengangkan adalah bagaimana Dan Brown membuktikan teori Panspermia dengan penjelasan logis, simple, mudah dimengerti.

  3. In Dan Browns Book “Deception Point” list as many deceptions or twist that you recognized while

    1. – why on earth Marjorie addressed NASA issue to Gab
      – (almost) all forms of physical evidence on the ‘meteorite’ able to be artificially built here on earth
      – my guessing, the president himself behind all this, Lawrence Ekstrom is just one of the major players.

      reaching page 160 of 239.

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