Review: Deception Point

Title: Deception Point
Author: Dan Brown
Language: English
Genre(s): scientific thriller
Preceded by: Angels & Demons
Followed by: The Da Vinci Code

Just finished reading Deception Point novel. Just like his following novel The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown successfully assembled all factors of real life conditions, environments, technologies, current concerns, to a near true story novel.

Spoiler warning! At first, I thought this is all about criminal deception point, or should I say points, masterminded by NASA administrator or even the president himself. But, Dan Brown manage to surprise me by switching the mastermind. He caught me of guard, the NRO director, William Pickering. To tell you that my guess is wrong while reading this book, at first, I thought that administrator Ekstrom whose behind this. Then I thought it would be President Herney. Then switching again to Marjorie Tench. Then switching again to someone I don’t know. I never had figured it would be William Pickering.

Really good Dan Brown. This scientific-thriller is a must read novel to you who loves guessing around. You might want to have a browser open while reading this book, because sometimes you need to know what in the world is Dan Brown talking about: the airplanes, the submarine, Kiowa chopper, Mariana Trench location, etc. As for my private opinion, I love being in the world of inter-agency and of secrecy America held along until now. Suited perfectly.

Once again Dan Brown amazingly tell the story with real life existing technologies and conditions to make this novel looks real. If it’s not because of the smallest things scientifically named phosphorescent dinoflagellates, it would have been the biggest founding of century. But still, sometimes big things fail by the founding of simplest or smallest thing.

Conclusion: Very Recommended
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5


  1. hmm considering the ‘hook’ for every dan brown novel is the ‘twist’ mastermind, you might want to spoiler the revelation dude :p

  2. @ZaQ: nah, lost the fun :p

  3. andang maulana syamsuri · · Reply

    Really? 4.5? You’re not oversell it are you? Send me a copy, please! Hehehe

    1. Sure, mate. Careful for the twist, though. Muahahahaha….

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