Currently Reading: “Digital Fortress” by Dan Brown

Amazed by Dan Brown knowledge of America’s current science and security technology, surprised by how he played me with characters and who to trust, I thought another Dan Brown’s novel is exactly what I was looking for to continue my techno-thrill readings.

So I came with this, Digital Fortress. NSA related matters and issues. Remind me of “Mercury Rising”. Well, here I go. Hope for the best. I have the e-book, so as usual, mail me if you want it. It’s not even one megs.


  1. I read this novel this week and I am quite gratified.
    You can read this:

    (It doesn’t contain any spoiler)

    1. thanks for the link man.

  2. aduhhh,,,yangg…aku males banget mo blajar hari ini…. >.<

    1. hei, ini ibu guru bahasa Indonesia di oz ngapain main2 ke sini :p

  3. waah kebanjiran traffic dari tips fotografi nih kakak 😛


    1. I didn’t see that coming, to be honest 🙂

  4. nice…..

  5. andang maulana syamsuri · · Reply

    Nice! Could you send me a copy? Please?

    1. Sent. Check your inbox, mate.

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