Year 2012 Resolution

Well, it’s 2012. Listing out things that I want to achieve is pretty much make sense. In non-priority sequence, here goes:

1. Continue saving fund for further education. I’ve been doing this since I moved to Singapore. I spent quite a lot when I was working in Malaysia, partially because I was engaged at that time. Now, it’s a very good time to pile bucks on my account. Money is good, not so much spending, except for occasional vacation.

2. Work out. I was in my prime, physically, couple of years ago. Now I’m 28, I smoke a lot, stress a lot, and not much of physical activities being done. The easiest and cheapest way to work out is jogging. Minimum 1 km, 20 sit ups, and 10 push ups every afternoon.

3. For ‘personal inquiries’, I must get the test result from the lab. Whatever the result is, I must accept it. And so as must my family.

4. Find new career opportunity. Well, I’m not a programmer by heart. Computer Science career path suggest me to take programmer as beginning of my career. As times go by, I switch a lot from programmer to system analyst. I need a new job description. More on managing, coordinating. Project Management, if you may.

5. Vacation plan. Some of places I want to visit: Vietnam, Raja Ampat, Hong Kong, Japan, Melbourne, and ultimately, Liverpool

6. Learn how to cook. Daily dishes. Because I will never know where will I be in the next 1-2 years. If I’m to further my study, I need to learn how to survive, financially. I compare my expense on daily meals by eating at the restaurants and cook in house. It really does save a lot of money.

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