Review: Mimpi Mimpi Yang Diterbangkan Pagi

Title: Mimpi Mimpi Yang Diterbangkan Pagi (draft)
Author: Wihambuko Tiaswening Maharsi (@aftersumme_r)
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Genre(s): Romance

So I received a draft of what appears to be collection of short stories, storiettes if you will. And this is my review to the draft. Note, though, knowing that this is a draft, you might expect changes by the time the book is published.So what I’m writing to the review may or may not correlate. But I’m kinda hoping that is not the case, since the stories are quite good.

Unique, romance, not so everyday story, brave, and contemplating. Those are the words that might describe this book. This book is a collection of short stories, or you might as well think it as short scenes in the movie.

While readers are expecting to experience straightforward storyline, author will provide readers otherwise. The way author present the plot, describing the set, and response to every dialog, is unique. It is not the kind of book with straight-to-the-point intrigue. The author might bring readers around and around of paragraphs with circular and repetition of sentences. Thus, if you are not careful enough, you might end up getting bored. But if you are smart and patience enough, you will enjoy ‘the style’ of author in building up the set-up. Ergo the unique.

Ah yes, romance of course. Nothing that readers will fall deep into a book like the story of romance. Readers will find drama in this book, enclosed with satirical romance of nowadays love story. If you’re expecting a girl crying in the middle of the rain, while her sweetheart running towards her and ready to give her a hug of a lifetime, I think you might end up disappointed. Nothing melancholy or gloomy of relationship breakups. That, if you trust my point of view (which I hope you are not). The main character in most of the stories, is not the kind of whiny little girl. She’s a grown-up woman. So the set and response is also mature.

When I told you that this book is ‘not so everyday story’, I might be correct, or not. That’ll depend on how you look at things, or experience them. But I’m sure of this, you’ve experienced at least one of the stories in your life. And you wish you had done what the characters done in the story.

Some parts of this book brave enough to describe what ought to be taboo thing in Indonesia. There’s paragraph mentioning ‘sleep together’. Author offers you liberalist point of view, no-nonsense, non-hypocrite, an honest presentation. But it is not wise to give your underage children reach on this book.

I love the way author setting up reasons of why the characters respond in such way. Readers must require at least few knowledge and background of characters’ set-up. You might say this, “Hmm…that’s not what I would do if I were the character.” If you do, read again and really dig deep on why the characters do that, the reasons. To do you a favor a bit, in one of the story, try to understand the lyrics in Ordinary World by Duran Duran, then you might understand characters conduct.

All in all, it’s a good book. It’s nice to know that there’s another story out there that is not so ordinary. The kind of story that you may take time to understand. The kind of story that makes you want to contemplate, or even wish to be in it.

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