How To Order Amazon Kindle To Singapore

For some reasons, Amazon does not deliver Kindle to Singapore. In fact, based on information from some of my friends, this limitation includes delivery to Indonesia and Malaysia. I really don’t get it. My observation, Singapore is pretty potential market. The people are young, hip, and ready to get their hands on almost new gadgets. Indonesia by the way, is big market, judging by the size of the citizen.

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 9.19.26 PM

The main potential cause for this limitation, I think, is because Amazon doesn’t have the ‘content‘ for these countries, or so I read. But let’s not bow our head in prolonged disappointment. There is however, ways to purchase and send your Amazon Kindle right to your door. To do this, I assume you all have Amazon account and payment method setup properly.

1. Create account on shipping address forwarder

Shipping address forwarder is a service provided by some companies to give you US or UK address, so that you can order stuff from websites that do not ship to your country, so that they can send you the stuff you purchase once they have your stuff delivered to them. So far, I only know 2 shipping address forwarder service to be of reliable and trustworthy: and Borderlinx. I myself use Borderlinx.

The next step is to create account on these forwarders. Please remember to fill in your actual address in Singapore (or Indonesia, or Malaysia). Upon completion of account registration, you will be given US and UK address. Forwarders will associate your US address with your real shipping address.

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 9.21.28 PM

2. Change shipping address on your Amazon account

I assume you all know that Amazon provides billing address and shipping address. In fact, Amazon allows you to have more than one shipping address.

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 9.19.08 PM

Log in to your Amazon account and change the shipping address that you get from shipping forwarders. Remember, you must choose that exact shipping address. Or else you might not receive your stuff until, well, forever.

3. Place order

Browse Kindle of your choosing, add to cart, and checkout. Remember to double check if you ship that Kindle to the newly acquired US address, not your home country address! Make payment for this purchase and monitor the shipping status.

Now remember, Kindle Paperwhite has two options: with special offers and without special offers. If you don’t mind with Amazon ads whenever you are not reading then choose Kindle with special offers, because the price is just nice. But with additional 20 bucks, you can opt for no ads (without special offers) for the rest of your life.

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 9.18.25 PM

4. Wait for the stuff to come

Once Amazon ship your Kindle to your US address, shipping forwarders will notify you if your purchased items have arrived. Now, you can either tell forwarder to ship your stuff directly, or you can wait to ship it together, should you decided to purchase another stuff. One of the good thing of this kind of shipping forwarder service is that you can so-called ‘delay’ shipping, to suit your condition. I think this feature exist because Kindle and Kindle accessories from Amazon do not ship altogether. They will ship to your address whenever the items are ready in stock.

Check on the right hand menu of Borderlinx landing page after you login. It pretty much like image below.

Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 9.20.41 PM

Note the first menu item: No goods awaiting shipping. This means that your stuff has not arrived to your US address yet. As soon as your Kindle arrive, menu text will change and you can straight navigate to see the list of items waiting for shipping.


Be fully aware that each forwarder has their own price, weighing terms and conditions, etc. You might want to check the final price for shipment from US to Singapore and compare between forwarder services. Whichever you think is the cheapest.


Now that you know how to deliver Kindle to your home, why don’t you share your experience? Or not, whatever.


  1. Nice share… Today I saw one ads from paypal that provide international shipping. The website is However, I have never tried to use it. Perhaps can be used for reference in the future..

    1. I once used HopShopGo. It has similar option like the one mentioned by Ferdy. Everything went smooth until it reached Indonesia.

      The problem in Indonesia is when the goods arrive you should pay additional fees for custom which may reach astronomic number (depends on the package), especially if the amount is more than $50 per package.

    2. Hi,

      My friend had actually ordered using HopShopGo. It does work though. But he highlighted to me that customs fee in Indonesia skyrocket the total cost.

  2. Do you pay by credit card using your amazon account? As I was reading through some of the other blogs, it was actually recommended to purchase a gift card using one spore registered amazon account then have the code transfer to another us registered amazon account before using the latter account to order for kindle. the process is kind of cumbersome I thought.

    1. Hi Ky, yes I was using Singapore credit card to order. Remember, you can create multiple address associated with your Amazon account, and simply send it to shipping forwarder. This is the simplest way that I know of.

      1. What do you mean by multiple addresses with amazon account? Isn’t one amazon account tie to only one email address?

        Based on what you have said, I can avoid all the hassle of creating two amazon accounts and just use a registered amazon account to buy a kindle at amazon, pay using a spore credit card? The only thing I have to do is to direct the delivery to a freight forwarder in US before having it send to me in Singapore?

      2. One email address (Amazon account) can have multiple shipping addresses. Just create one shipping address to shipping forwarder. Search for the Kindle, buy it and send it to this address. When the Kindle arrive at the shipping forwarder, you can simply ask them to ship it to Singapore.

      3. This is so much easier. Thanks Ferdy!

      4. No problem, Ky.

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