My Archer Sterling Updates: Phase 1

I just received an email from Al this morning. He said that he had completed servicing and movement adjustment of my Sterling watch. Finalized with performing final assembly. My watch assembly state now is as picture below. Yes, that’s my watch!

Archer Sterling S_0057 copy

For those of you who don’t know, Sterling is one of the collections made by one-man watch company, Archer Watches, owned by Allen Jenskey, in Ontario, Canada. I will cover why I chose Sterling model in other journal entry. In fact, I will also cover why I chose Archer Watches!

One of the good thing about Archer collections is that Al will get the ETA movement, disassemble it, perform necessary actions like lubricating, etc., then assemble the movement with the watch case, which is what my watch now experiencing. The next step, Al will perform test for timing, and that will take about 7 days to complete. If the watch does not need any adjustments after this testing, he will then perform the pressure test, finish the documentation, and get it ready for shipping.

In short, the watchmaker will inform you since the first phase of watch assembly until it is ready for shipping. Pretty cool, huh?

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