Ingersoll The Harry Clifton (INJA001SLBK) Limited Edition

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 7.56.32 PM

A friend of mine just bought this watch, Ingersoll The Harry Clifton limited edition (INJA001SLBK). I’m not really sure the rationale. You see, he’s buying this for his girlfriend, but this particular model, albeit limited edition, is for men.

But who am I to judge. But let’s take a look at this particular model specification. It’s limited edition, automatic hand wound movement, 39mm in diameter – in which I think it’s the maximum size for ladies watch, 3ATM water resistance with stainless steel case.

My friend tried to find this watch in Indonesia but failed. And I couldn’t find it too in Singapore. Probably because it’s limited edition. So I ordered from Amazon on February 18, 2013, and arrived at my doorstep on February 26, 2013. Thanks to Amazon by the way.

So when the package arrived, I didn’t dare to try it on my wrist. But dare I say that it’s a thing of beauty. Simply because of the elegant design, it’s automatic with a really really interesting price! He himself fancies watches. He has Hamilton automatic watch. Damn that guy (sorry dude :D).

Enjoy the unpacking pictures below.





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