Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike, or simply CS, is a legendary game. This is the game that can ruin friendship, strengthen group, or understand your buddies even more. This game is standard of gaming awesomeness. Tons of reasons why, and if you should ask, perhaps you’re a girl, or hipster.

CS Global Offensive (GO) is the latest release of this first-person shooter franchise. Since OS X ports are available since January 2013, since it’s been a while I play CS, and since awesome people must have this game, I fix one for myself.

game-cs-global-offensiveThere are bundle packages selling Counter-Strike on Steam: Complete and Valve Complete Pack. But unfortunately they’re only available for Windows platform. Yeah, that sucks.

game-cs-packagesWell anyway, in case you readers want to add me as your friend, mayhaps need co-op buddy, or just re-sharpen your sniper skills, just add me on Steam. My ID is radenferdy.

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