My Archer Sterling Updates: Phase 2

Received confirmation email from Al last Thursday, all tests were successful. Which bring him to the last phase of the process: shipment. All will include paperwork on the test result along with the watch package. I’m so excited and can’t wait for it to arrive. I’ll include the test result on my Sterling full review.


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  1. […] Background It all began when I tried to look for an independent watch brand. I’ve been given to understand that if I’d like to start new watch collection, I can start with buying used luxury watch, or alternatively, find independent (or quite simply ‘indie’) brands which has good expertise in watch-making. Archer Watches is one of the many indie brands out there, with good movements backing up his models, and his personal experience in watch repair and calibration. He also has good reputations in some watch enthusiast forum, like Watchuseek (WUS). I pay my fair share of respect to him. Another plus side, independent watchmaker tend to have competitive price compare to well-known brands. With that in mind, I decided to approach him and inquiry to his watches. You can also find my communications with all via email on my previous journal entry: Phase 1 & Phase 2. […]

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