FIFA 15 Demo

FIFA 15 Demo

FIFA 15 is here. Demo version to be precise. A friend of mine having
quite a problem to find and download the game as it is not listed in
region 2 (EU) nor 3 (Asia). You have to login from your device from user
ID in region 1 (US). If you try to find it from PSN website, you won’t
find it either. Or, you can just go to FIFPLAY to get a copy demo of your own.

This demo version comes with few teams available to play with: Borussia Dortmund, Liverpool, Manchester City, Barcelona, Boca Juniors, Napoli, and Paris St-Germain.

Appearances-wise, it comes with updated jersey for the season 2014-2015, along with updated football shoes. Some of players’ shoes are not the latest one. I recon this is due to fast frequency of actual footballers of changing shoes model. Graphics also improved pretty nicely. We have details of dirt on player’s shirt, and also pitch grass details.

Gameplay-wise, it’s more and more like a PES 2013 gameplay. Gone the slowness of players when making zig-zag move, turning around, or doing Iniesta dribble when ghosting pass opponents. All in all, movement speed has increased nicely compare to FIFA 14. This will work well with those type of gamers who tend to have blitzkrieg attacking style strategy, as well as those who play possession football.

One other thing to notice, goalkeeper skill and movement have also improved. Now it is harder to score goals from the edge of penalty box, outside, or even inside the box. One of the tricks that I learn so far to score easy is by dribbling towards goalie, then pass to your team mate for easy tap-in goal.

The player for FIFA 15 cover is Lionel Messi. Wow, didn’t see that coming.

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