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FIFA 15 Demo

FIFA 15 is here. Demo version to be precise. A friend of mine having quite a problem to find and download the game as it is not listed in region 2 (EU) nor 3 (Asia). You have to login from your device from user ID in region 1 (US). If you try to find it […]

Football Manager 2013

Another popular game from Steam for Mac platform which attracts many football fans, Football Manager 2013™. I’ve known this game since freshmen. Many of my friends skip class for many reasons: to play this game in the morning or too knocked out playing this game because they have been playing it since evening until morning. […]

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike, or simply CS, is a legendary game. This is the game that can ruin friendship, strengthen group, or understand your buddies even more. This game is standard of gaming awesomeness. Tons of reasons why, and if you should ask, perhaps you’re a girl, or hipster. CS Global Offensive (GO) is the latest release of […]