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Migrating From Google Reader to Feedly

Alright people, this is it. July 1, 2013 is coming quickly. For those of you who still want RSS reader as your main news consumption, you can migrate your RSS collections from Google Reader to Feedly. Feedly is kind enough to provide independent, back end cloud RSS service. But first, you need to create an […]

Google Reader Alternatives

Yes, Google Reader is shutting down, effectively on July 1, 2013. While many of you might depend yourself on RSS on daily-basis to read news, the shutting down of Google is not the end of the world. It doesn’t mean that you should go ahead and visit Twitter reading how people complain about their life […]

iOS 6.1 Is Now Available

There are rooms for improvement from the last iOS 6.0.1, especially one that caught my attention: stability in maintaining wi-fi connection. Updates include: LTE support for more carriers iTunes Match update for subscribers Reset button to reset Advertising Identifier

Cloud Storage vs Physical Storage Drive

I’m a big fan of cloud storage, purely because USB flash drive or external hard drive is no longer dependable. While this statement is widely open for debate, read through on why I came up with this opinion. Physical storage device, especially when it small, can slip from your hand. Nowadays, many manufacturers made USB […]

“Look Up” Helps You Focus

In case you forgot, you can always search the definition of a word you don’t understand, without having to open Google or It’s quite simple, actually: 1. Select the word that you don’t understand the meaning. 2. Hold control+click that word, revealing alternate menu. 3. Select “Look Up [word]”, and you’re done. This procedure […]

Tips Mengubah Ikon E-mail dan Folder BlackBerry

Data Percobaan Perangkat: BlackBerry Bold 9000 OS: (SK Telecom) Perlengkapan yang Diperlukan: – Gambar ikon dalam format .png (Portable Network Graphic) – Perangkat lunak BBFileScout versi 0.6.6 – Kabel data penghubung USB BlackBerry dengan PC/Mac Saya sering mengubah theme pada perangkat BlackBerry saya. Akan tetapi selalu kembali ke theme standard Precision karena beberapa theme […]

Brief Review of BB OS by AT&T for Bold 9000

Sedikit review tentang keluaran AT&T. OS ini memiliki kualitas pencarian signal 3G yang responsif dan sangat stabil. So far, kedua versi inilah yang paling stabil signal 3G-nya. Respon perpindahan dari 3G ke 2.5G juga cepat. Thus, mengakibatkan battery draining faster. Seriously, kalo saya pakai untuk keperluan sehari-hari seperti email sending/receiving, BBM, instant messaging, dan […]


I have always waited not for the very phenomena of how internet junkies await the very recent version of Mozilla Firefox 3, instead for typing down ‘about:mozilla’ directly to its address bar. It is true, what appear on version 3 is different with version 2. Mammon slept. And the beast reborn spread over the earth […]

Pre-Internet (to)day!

Anda tahu kenapa sejak kemaren koneksi Internet Anda di kantor maupun di rumah terganggu? Anda tahu mengapa website kesayangan anak-anak remaja Anda yaitu tidak dapat diakses? Jangan salahkan ISP langganan Anda, jangan salahkan PC Anda dan jangan salahkan Tuhan. Koneksi internet yang membawa traffic dari China, Korea, Jepang, Taiwan dan Asia Tenggara terganggu karena […]