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Rofina Golden Flower

What I have here is a Rofina Golden Flower. I bought from a guy at Singapore Rolex Club couple of months ago. Apparently, this is a new old stock, unused, so everything about this watch is still in original condition. First, let’s talk about the brand. Rofina is not a name that I’m familiar with, […]

FIFA 15 Demo

FIFA 15 is here. Demo version to be precise. A friend of mine having quite a problem to find and download the game as it is not listed in region 2 (EU) nor 3 (Asia). You have to login from your device from user ID in region 1 (US). If you try to find it […]

Steinhart Ocean Vintage GMT

Another automatic is coming in. Another GMT complication. So this is Steinhart Ocean Vintage GMT. Why I like it? Try to google Explorer II Steve McQueen. That beauty is rare and I believe, even if I find one, I’d rather go with Patek. Oh, since this is a military style watch, go with NATO/ZULU strap. […]

Hamilton Jazzmaster Traveler GMT

Purchased this nice dress watch today. It’s a nice collection as I travel quite frequently, plus in need of proper decent watch. Not to say my Rotary Les Originales LE isn’t a decent dress watch, it’s just that this one comes with date and GMT complication. Also, decent thickness combine with rose gold on the […]

Archer Sterling Review

Introduction If you reach this journal entry, you might already know what you’re looking for. To those of you who don’t know what this is but end up here anyway, this journal is my review of one particular watch made by Archer Watches: Sterling. Sterling is one of few watch lines made by one-man watchmaker […]

My Archer Sterling Updates: Phase 1

I just received an email from Al this morning. He said that he had completed servicing and movement adjustment of my Sterling watch. Finalized with performing final assembly. My watch assembly state now is as picture below. Yes, that’s my watch! For those of you who don’t know, Sterling is one of the collections made […]

Review: Mimpi Mimpi Yang Diterbangkan Pagi

Title: Mimpi Mimpi Yang Diterbangkan Pagi (draft) Author: Wihambuko Tiaswening Maharsi (@aftersumme_r) Language: Bahasa Indonesia Genre(s): Romance So I received a draft of what appears to be collection of short stories, storiettes if you will. And this is my review to the draft. Note, though, knowing that this is a draft, you might expect changes […]

Currently Reading: “Digital Fortress” by Dan Brown

Amazed by Dan Brown knowledge of America’s current science and security technology, surprised by how he played me with characters and who to trust, I thought another Dan Brown’s novel is exactly what I was looking for to continue my techno-thrill readings. So I came with this, Digital Fortress. NSA related matters and issues. Remind […]

Review: Deception Point

Title: Deception Point Author: Dan Brown Language: English Genre(s): scientific thriller Preceded by: Angels & Demons Followed by: The Da Vinci Code Just finished reading Deception Point novel. Just like his following novel The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown successfully assembled all factors of real life conditions, environments, technologies, current concerns, to a near true […]

Brief Review of BB OS by AT&T for Bold 9000

Sedikit review tentang keluaran AT&T. OS ini memiliki kualitas pencarian signal 3G yang responsif dan sangat stabil. So far, kedua versi inilah yang paling stabil signal 3G-nya. Respon perpindahan dari 3G ke 2.5G juga cepat. Thus, mengakibatkan battery draining faster. Seriously, kalo saya pakai untuk keperluan sehari-hari seperti email sending/receiving, BBM, instant messaging, dan […]

Review: Fast and Furious (4)

    Category: Movies Genre: Action & Adventure Pada saat saya melihat movie trailer-nya dengan tagline “New Model. Original Parts”, saya menduga pasti release franchise Fast & Furious ke-4 ini akan lebih menitikberatkan pada cerita, bukan pada eksploitasi modifikasi mobil. Ternyata memang betul seperti itu.  Sisi cerita menampilkan bagaimana aspek kesedihan sekaligus keberingasan seorang Dominic […]

BlackBerry Bold

  Category: Computers & Electronics Product Type: Cell-phones Manufacturer:   Research In Motion + Fuckin’ fast in almost every task + Brightest LCD I’ve ever experienced + Broad connectivity + Instant Messaging support + POP3/IMAP e-mail support – Pre-installed firmware OS is unstable, particularly when I tried connecting to my home wi-fi connection. It always restarts! […]

Ong Bak 2

Category:    Movies Genre:     Action & Adventure Teman saya mengatakan Ong Bak: Muay Thai Warrior adalah the best fighting movie yang pernah ditonton olehnya. Setelah menonton sekuelnya, Ong Bak 2, hari Minggu tanggal 11-Jan-2009 yang lalu, pendapat teman saya terbukti benar. Saya tidak terlalu peduli dengan jalan ceritanya, karena cukup generik, cerita balas dendam. Saya […]