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Football Manager 2013

Another popular game from Steam for Mac platform which attracts many football fans, Football Manager 2013™. I’ve known this game since freshmen. Many of my friends skip class for many reasons: to play this game in the morning or too knocked out playing this game because they have been playing it since evening until morning. […]

Meet & Greet with Dietmar Hamann

I got the chance to meet one of Liverpool legend, Dietmar Hamann, tonight in Brunei Darussalam. ‘Didi’ Haman was playing for Liverpool from 1999 to 2006. In 191 of his appearances, our own ‘Didi’ managed to score 8 goals. Hamann very much gain his first English trophies in 2000-2001 season: FA Cup, UEFA Cup, and […]

Yossi: Goodbye To All That

I’m welcoming Roy Hodgson as Liverpool’s new gaffer. Do not know about him until Fulham. Is it for temporary until we find a new owner unlike the one we have now? Let’s see. But we don’t know that if this Roy mister can take us back to compete for the elite four. Sometimes surprise come […]