Yes, Google Reader is shutting down, effectively on July 1, 2013. While many of you might depend yourself on RSS on daily-basis to read news, the shutting down of Google is not the end of the world. It doesn’t mean that you should go ahead and visit Twitter reading how people complain about their life […]

Received confirmation email from Al last Thursday, all tests were successful. Which bring him to the last phase of the process: shipment. All will include paperwork on the test result along with the watch package. I’m so excited and can’t wait for it to arrive. I’ll include the test result on my Sterling full review.

Another popular game from Steam for Mac platform which attracts many football fans, Football Manager 2013™. I’ve known this game since freshmen. Many of my friends skip class for many reasons: to play this game in the morning or too knocked out playing this game because they have been playing it since evening until morning. […]

Counter-Strike, or simply CS, is a legendary game. This is the game that can ruin friendship, strengthen group, or understand your buddies even more. This game is standard of gaming awesomeness. Tons of reasons why, and if you should ask, perhaps you’re a girl, or hipster. CS Global Offensive (GO) is the latest release of […]

A friend of mine just bought this watch, Ingersoll The Harry Clifton limited edition (INJA001SLBK). I’m not really sure the rationale. You see, he’s buying this for his girlfriend, but this particular model, albeit limited edition, is for men. But who am I to judge. But let’s take a look at this particular model specification. […]

I just received an email from Al this morning. He said that he had completed servicing and movement adjustment of my Sterling watch. Finalized with performing final assembly. My watch assembly state now is as picture below. Yes, that’s my watch! For those of you who don’t know, Sterling is one of the collections made […]

There are rooms for improvement from the last iOS 6.0.1, especially one that caught my attention: stability in maintaining wi-fi connection. Updates include: LTE support for more carriers iTunes Match update for subscribers Reset button to reset Advertising Identifier

The night is dark and full of fears Children and mums are crying in tears But worry not, because Gandalf is here To protect us all in this joyful new year Yeah, okay, stop booing, guys. I know the greeting sucks, but that’s the best I can do. I won’t make any new year’s resolution. […]

For some reasons, Amazon does not deliver Kindle to Singapore. In fact, based on information from some of my friends, this limitation includes delivery to Indonesia and Malaysia. I really don’t get it. My observation, Singapore is pretty potential market. The people are young, hip, and ready to get their hands on almost new gadgets. […]

I’m a big fan of cloud storage, purely because USB flash drive or external hard drive is no longer dependable. While this statement is widely open for debate, read through on why I came up with this opinion. Physical storage device, especially when it small, can slip from your hand. Nowadays, many manufacturers made USB […]

My favorite semi-professional social networking provider has started to revamp profile page for its user. Still invitation-based, though. Kinda like tile-based page, which remind me of Windows Phone 8 and Pinterest.

Title: Mimpi Mimpi Yang Diterbangkan Pagi (draft) Author: Wihambuko Tiaswening Maharsi (@aftersumme_r) Language: Bahasa Indonesia Genre(s): Romance So I received a draft of what appears to be collection of short stories, storiettes if you will. And this is my review to the draft. Note, though, knowing that this is a draft, you might expect changes […]

In case you forgot, you can always search the definition of a word you don’t understand, without having to open Google or It’s quite simple, actually: 1. Select the word that you don’t understand the meaning. 2. Hold control+click that word, revealing alternate menu. 3. Select “Look Up [word]”, and you’re done. This procedure […]